Daisy Lowe is only 21, yet she’s been modelling for 19 years. That’s correct, maths fans, Daisy was just two years old the first time someone gave her money for being pretty. She appeared in Italian Vogue aged 17. When she was 18, she appeared – nude – on the cover of i-D magazine. She’s modelled for Chanel, Vivienne Westwood, Agent Provacateur, Burberry and Louis Vitton. She is unbelievably, almost supernaturally sexy. She’s so sexy that when she did a sexy dancing video for Esquire, we forgot that Esquire are supposed to be our rivals and screamed from the digital rooftops about how brilliant the video was.

Daisy Lowe on the catwalk

If Cleopatra caused wars, Daisy Lowe puts them on pause. That’s how sexy Daisy Lowe is. If Cleopatra had seen what Daisy Lowe wore at London Fashion Week, she'd have squealed with the ancient Egyptian equivalent of, "Respect, sister!"

Daisy Lowe hot

Daisy’s got a boyfriend called Matt ‘Doctor Who’ Smith and a pet dog called Monty. At London Fashion Week, Matt Smith was a very good boyfriend, sitting dutifully in the front row and pampering Monty while Daisy did her thing on the catwalk. She was modelling for Vivienne Westwood. Nicola Roberts and Pamela Anderson were also modelling for Vivenne Westwood, but we don’t want to talk about that. We want to talk about the blue paint on Dais Lowe’s face, which, the fashion blogs say, was a flourish attributable to the so-hot-right-now military theme. Amazing. We thought it was just a sexy thing that savage woman do, like Olga Kurylenko in Centurion. Turns out there’s still lots of stuff we know absolutely nothing about.

 Daisy Lowe naked

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