Danielle Knudson is a knee-quiveringly hot model from Canada who first found fame when those brilliant fashion heads at Guess spotted her at a casting and designed to make her the focus of their 2014 spring campaign.

A brand that had previously brought us beautiful modelling superstars like Kate Upton and Claudia Schiffer.

Which means that when they stick their camera at somebody and tell us that they’re awesome, we generally take them seriously.

Especially if it’s someone like Danielle Knudson, who this week posted a snap of herself on Instagram wearing what can only be described as the greatest bikini ever. Ever. And we’ve seen a lot of bikinis.

Here are a few more reasons why she’s awesome.

As previously mentioned, she's incredible at swimwear.

She does things like this.

She even looks good in cartoon form.

She makes sexy workout videos on Instagram like this.

In fact she makes all sorts of awesome videos.