The producers of Calendar Girls, scratching their heads, must have wondered why everyone was getting up and leaving at the precise moment when most of the cast were getting their kit off. ''Surely it can't be the music?" one impresario said, recoiling in horror. "Well, what else can it be?" said an executive. "They obviously don't like that note in D minor which accompanies Lynda Bellingham removing her bra". So, instead of changing the music, they've inexplicably brought in Danielle Bux to spice up the dynamic of the cast, whose median age currently stands at 102. Oh, excuse us. We were so overawed by all those muses that we've only just noticed the lovely Jennifer Ellison is on the left, even if she is being infuriatingly upstaged by all those other exhibitionist luvvies. The photographer has, for some reason, decided to put the oldest cast members behind the piano. Why this is, we couldn't tell you.

If we've put you all out of sorts, we hope this pic goes some way in making amends.  Danielle will be making her stage debut in the musical, which launches at the Bristol Hippodrome in January 2011, before embarking upon a nationwide tour. We wonder what Gary thinks of his missus baring all to the general public. Well, considering the target demographic of the show is middle-aged women interested in comparing how saggy they are with their more famous, onstage, counterparts, he probably won't be feeling too envious. Let's just hope with all that other talent (acting, of course) surrounding her, she doesn't get too overwhelmed.