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Danielle Kristie Sharp is the hottest model in Modelsville right now. In the space of two short years, she's gone from blushing newbie to A-list cover star and this month's FHM Would Wife, and now finds herself regularly being referred to as Britain's answer to Kate Upton. Is "Kate Upton" even a question? We're not sure. But if she is, Danielle makes for a pretty convincing response.

So we quizzed her on it.

Have you ever gyrated sexily at a sporting event,
à la Kate Upton's infamous Dougie dance at that basketball game?
No, can't say I have. I did once do a dance in a Christmas play at school, though. I was an owl. Not sure it was very sexy.

Kate is dating Clippers star Blake Griffin. Ever dated a sportsman?

Which is the sexiest sport?
Football has some hotties.

Kate demands her men be manscaped "down there". Your thoughts?

Ha! I'd probably agree. Nobody want to have to go hunting!

Kate is very religious. You?
Not at all! But then, I'm English. We're normally less religious than Americans.

Finally, who would win in a bra-pulling catfight between you and Kate?

She's taller than me, but I'm small and quick, so I reckon I'd win.

Danielle is almost Kate's total opposite, which means that yes, she is Britain's answer to the saucy US supermodel. Well, either that, or she's completely not… we can't decide. Cheers!

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