Here we go again. It's becoming difficult to keep up, what with at least five different fragrances being launched daily, and sometimes each by the same person. It's probably just a coincidence that they're all popping up at the same time of year and the fact that it's a little over a month before Christmas. This one, called Project D, is actually three different perfumes, all packaged neatly into a festive-looking box. One is called Dawn, another Day, and the other Dusk. Three Ds. Oh, and Dannii Minogue is a D as well, so that makes four. What subtle synchrony.

She was at the launch event on Oxford Street yesterday with her business partner and twin sister Tabitha Somerset Webb, whose joint venture has already seen the Project D fashion label reach levels of stratospheric success. Fingers crossed then that the perfume range goes exactly the same way.

It's been a lucrative little side-earner for Dannii, and much needed, considering her main income relies on the weekly appearance on X Factor. And that's only for a couple hours in itself. So, a quick calculation, taking the average hourly wage at £5.93 per hour, means that at best she's earning twelve quid a pop for each appearance on the show. Which isn't really fair, when you consider that Simon Cowell is worth around £200 million. The man drives a hard bargain. So, this is a plea on Dannii's behalf. If you want Dannii Minogue to have a roof under her head this Christmas, and a plentiful lunch which will stave off the gnawing hunger for another day, then please, buy Project D today. Or pledge just £2 a month to the Minogue Family Foundation. Your help could save their lives.