FHM has never watched Glee. Which is why we don’t, in any way, fancy Lea Michele. Why we are not, in any way, obsessed with Dianna Agron. And why we would never claim that we actually quite like Gwyneth Paltrow in her role as a substitute teacher.

Damn it, you’ve seen through our little white lie, haven’t you? You can tell that far from boycotting everything to do with Glee, we actually totes think it’s amaze, girlfriend. Especially that Sue Sylvester. Boy does that kitty have claws, meowww.

So there you have it. Hands up, we watch and enjoy Glee and if that admittance makes us any less of a man, then we don’t want to be a man any more. Whoa. This article has strayed onto some pretty rocky ground, so let’s bring it back to a level we’re all far more comfortable with by collectively grabbing our groins and grunting, ‘Phwoarr, that Dianna Agron’s a bit of alright, isn’t she?’

"Sod foreplay," said Left Kneecap to Right Kneecap, "let's draw the curtain and get down to business"

Agron is indeed ‘a bit of alright’ and – sound the trumpets – she’s also single. The 24-year-old Georgia-born actress, who plays cheerleader Quinn in Glee, recently split with 20-year-old actor Alex Pettyfer, who she met on the set of her movie I Am Number Four (out in the UK today, film fans).

FHM hasn’t seen I Am Number Four, but we can tell you it’s about, “an extraordinary teen who tries to pass himself off as a typical high school student in order to elude a deadly enemy”.

Sounds like a steaming pile of donkey dung, doesn’t it? But do you know what isn’t steaming pile of donkey dung? Dianna’s body, which is why we’re pretty certain she’ll finish in the top 50 of FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women in the World 2011. Vote now and ensure she does.

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