If you thought Mila Kunis in Black Swan was the hottest ballet dancer you've ever seen, meet this month's FHM Girlfriend Lauren, the rebellious, flexible dancer with a taste for house music...

Here are five amazing things we learned about her once we'd stopped staring...

01 She's a bad influence. When she was at ballet school, she once got all the other ballet dancers to climb up on the roof with her.

02 She can lick her own elbow. No, really. And that's probably because she's been stretching and contorting herself into weird shapes since before she could even stand.

03 She loves house music. And if you know your stuff, she's really into Darius Syrossian and Kerri Chandler at the moment.

04 It really annoys her when people dress up as Smurfs.

05 She's so sexy we forgot how to read, so she had to read The Constant Gardener by John Le Carré to us for the rest of the afternoon.

See her full, mind-boggling shoot in this month's issue.