She’s Dutch, she's Doutzen Kroes, she’s 25-years-old and she’s a professional lingerie model who works predominantly for Victoria’s Secret, which is probably the worlds most prominent pants company. Kroes can be seen here doing some more sterling work in her smalls as she leans casually against a wall without a top on. Looking at these pictures we’re left with just one simple question. Just what is Victoria’s Secret? Could be anything. Could be nothing. But one thing is crystal clear, it will be far more entertaining to write what Victoria’s Secret isn’t. So, without further ado, here is a list of exactly what Victoria isn’t keeping secret. Victoria’s Secret is not that the lacy lingerie is in fact made of spider silk.

Victoria’s Secret is not that all of the angels are in fact real actual angels that have been sent to earth as part of some kind of metaphysical PR campaign on behalf of heaven and the religions that are affiliated with the popular concept of heaven. The typical believer's view appears to depend largely on his religious tradition and particular sect. Some religions conceptualize Heaven as pertaining to some type of peaceful life after death related to the immortality of the soul. Heaven is generally construed as a place of happiness, sometimes eternal happiness. Eternal happiness eh? Sounds exausting. Really nice obviously, but definitely tiring, like a big dinner.