George Clooney could have any woman he wanted. So it says a lot about Elisabetta Canalis that for the last two years the former ER star has been sleeping with her and her alone. Not that’d you’d been doing much sleeping if you were going out with Elisabetta, eh lads? Walllop!

Sorry, enough with the sexual innuendo and onto Canalis’ curriculum vitae. The 32-year-old model and actress was born in Sardinia, Italy on September 12, 1978. After finishing her schooling on the island, she moved to Milan and enrolled in university. Before you ask, we have no idea what she studied.

Wedding cake figurines close-up: sexy

Elisabetta’s big break came in 2007 when she was employed to be a ‘veline’ on Italian TV show Striscia la notizia (note: this ‘job’ involves walking on stage looking hot and handing the presenter a few sheets of news).

Come 2009, her career progressed still further when she squired Clooney and became the co-presenter of the Italian version of MTV’s Total Request Live. And this musical backdrop to her working life continued last night and the night before, when she hosted Italy’s Eurovision Song Contest qualifier in San Remo.

What’s that? Bothered? You should be, because if Elisabetta hadn’t been selected to host the qualifier, then she wouldn’t appeared on stage wearing these two dresses. And if she hadn’t have appeared on stage wearing these two dresses, then we wouldn’t have written this story. And if we hadn’t have written this story, then you wouldn’t have set aside three hours of this evening to ‘Google’ Elisabetta. FHM: sorting your diary, one day at a time.

The Sun had bought his tickets on eBay