It's a bit chilly out these days, no? Surely, one day soon, Eliza Doolittle is going to have to break and put on a pair of nice warm trousers. As this shot from her latest concert attests, though, she's remaining steadfast in her hot pants to the end.

If you search for 'Eliza Doolittle Trousers' on Google, you're out of luck. Even with a global information network that can conjure up images of almost anything, there just aren't any pictures of her not wearing hot pants

The closest thing we managed to find was our previous article where we went off on one about imaginary Trouser Nazis trying to force her into a pair of grey woolen slacks. We'll admit in hindsight that's kind of a weird subject for an article to be about.

 Eliza Doolittle in concert
But hey, it's still a good article, right?

But no. We're starting to believe that she doesn't even own trousers. What's going to happen, come Winter? Oh sure, she can get by in September with by moving between heated buildings when she's out and about and ordering the majority of her shopping online. But when the chill December winds kick in, she'll be useless.

She'd be shivering so much she couldn't sing properly due to chattering teeth, and lose her record contract. Her legs would turn blue and drop off with frost whilst waiting for a bus, and she'd have to surround herself with loose plastic bags and newspapers for warmth.

Grim. Eliza, we realise that you've got absolutely spectacular legs – maybe we realise that more than anyone – but please at least throw on a pair of jeans as the nights are drawing in. You owe it to your fans to not end up frozen to a bus stop.