Okay, she doesn’t, really. But her character Veronica Cale in the new NBC adaptation does, although that doesn’t make for such an attention-grabbing headline.

Back on Monday, we told you about the new costume for Adrianne Palicki who’s playing Wonder Woman, and we casually mentioned that Liz Hurley would be playing her nemesis, Veronica Cale. Well, is Liz Hurley suited to the job?

Well, she’s played the Devil in Bedazzled, so we can assume that she’s got some experience in being evil. But how much does Liz have in common with Wonder Woman's number one enemy?

Liz Hurley on the set of Wonder Woman last week

1) Veronica Cale has no superpowers, as such – and neither does Liz!

2) She’s a prominent scientist and businesswoman, though, and in charge of Cale-Anderson Pharmaceuticals. Although Liz doesn’t seem to be a prominent scientist, she is a businesswoman – she has her own range of beachwear called, rather unimaginatively, Elizabeth Hurley Beach. Maybe that’s how she keeps herself in nice green dresses.

3)Veronica also has also “ingested a semi-organic containment unit” in an attempt to absorb the earth-shattering power of the “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.” To the best of our knowledge, Liz has never ingested any containment units, semi-organic or otherwise, and has never tried to manhandle otherworldly powers into her voluptuous body.

Still, two out three ain’t bad.

There’s been some chat online that she might have been better suited to the role of Wonder Woman than Adrianne Palicki, and we were almost inclined to agree until we saw these recent photos of Adrianne on set.

Never mind Judy Garland, we think we like this Dorothy better

Clearly with such assets she’ll do just fine.