When the great lingerie houses require the perfect girl to display their creations, British supermodel Elle Liberachi is among the first names called. This month she also appears in medieval comedy Your Highness. Or should that be, Your Hotness?

Also in this month's FHM:
A big FHM guide to taking full advantage of spring's urgings which will ensure you get more sex than a particularly charming rabbit - it's the season of love!

From inadequate socks to imaginary kidnappings - homework-devouring pets just don't cut it anymore.

He's done mockumentary, he's done Hollywood, now Ricky Gervais' gangly sidekick is about to cast his long shadow over the nation's comedy palaces.

Psst. We're having a party. The best kind of party. A VO5 100 Sexiest party. You can come. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for the 'deets' (particularly on MONDAY).

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1) June issue, with glossy 100 Sexiest supplement
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And you'll get all this for the daft price of £3.90. And a flying unicorn will deliver it to your house.


(Unbelievably, only one bit of the above is an untruth.)