It’s been a fairly superhero-heavy week round these parts. Normally weeks can go by without someone sexy wearing something made out of spandex and a mask, but since Monday we’ve had Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman and Sarah Jane Underwood as Bustice.

To be honest, it’s getting a bit much. Luckily Ellen Page is so cute in Super that we don’t really mind, although hopefully next week we can focus on serious things like reporting on pictures of women in their bras and pants, not women swanning around in stupid costumes fighting crime.

Note that the costumes are both stupid and sexy, a bit like Paris Hilton 

Super is a low-budget film starring Rainn Wilson, who you might recognise from the American Office or from behind the counter of the convenience stall in Ellen’s previous film Juno. Of course, if you haven’t seen either of those, you might not recognise him. That’s okay. We’re not here to judge you. It doesn’t matter. Here’s a trailer, watch it, it’s funny as hell:

Rainn loses his girlfriend (Liv Tyler) to the better-dressed, more charismatic and generally all-round-superior Kevin Bacon. Rather than let it go and move on (although, hell, it is Liv Tyler) he decides to become bargain-basement superhero Crimson Bolt and fight crime in an attempt to punish Kevin for his wrongdoings – and Ellen Page joins up as his “Kid sidekick.”

Which is where the “inappropriately” part of “inappropriately” hot comes from, to be honest. Ellen Page retains the essence of jailbait, even though she’s 23 and fully okay to fancy, in her tight green crime-fighting costume and yellow boots. We just wish we could shake the sensation that’s she’s still in High School. Thanks, Juno.

Super is set for release in America on April 1, 2011