Another day, another beautiful young American actress you probably haven’t heard of – Emma Roberts, in this case. You should take a look at these pictures of her being both beautiful and young while we sort of witter on about her for a while.

Emma Roberts, then, is Julia Roberts’ niece. This is a large part of her success – even though she’s a fine actress – because having one of the best-established actresses in Hollywood as a blood relative must come in handy when you’re looking for parts.
Also, and don’t quote us on this, but we heard that Julia Roberts threatens to eat movie producers with her enormous toothy mouth if they don’t cast Emma in their films. It’s terrifying. She’ll kick down your front door and consume you whole if you mess with her.
Emma Roberts at a screening of The Art of Getting By
Just gobble you up like she's Jaws or something
Doesn’t bear thinking about. What does bear thinking about, to bring us back to the thrust of this article (and to keep our minds off Julia Robert’s enormous, glistening maw) is Emma Roberts, who is indeed very pretty. In these pictures she’s at a screening of The Art of Getting By, which is a film she was in on account of her being an actress and everything.
The Art of Getting By is one of yer romantic comedies, and is about a boy who doesn’t like homework and a girl who he ends up shagging (we presume) – a girl played by Emma Roberts. Fair enough!
We wish her well and hope she’s in more films as she grows up – really, all the best. Anything we can do to help. Please don’t eat us, Julia.