Emma Stone and Taylor Swift turned up at the premiere of Stone’s rom-com Easy A and wouldn’t stop touching each other. The Zombieland actress and country pop singer were literally inseparable as they held hands, hugged and cuddled their way along the red carpet and into the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles. If we didn’t know better (which we don’t), we’d say they were more than just friends. Just… imagine. Now stop it. Difficult, isn’t it?

Emma Stone and Taylor Swidt are dating

And what a couple they’d make: Stone, The sassy, smart-talking girl from Arizona, who, if you believe everything you read, was really into HTML and web design when she was younger. The one who’s so bloody great at wearing those tight jeans and leather jacket in Zombieland. The girl we’d put our money on in an anything-goes cage fight with Lindsay Lohan. The girl we should really stop obsessing about, but just can’t.

Emma Stone's got nice legs

Then Swift, who may have gone largely unnoticed over here, but with her country twangs and really bright face, has already turned heads all over the world. Maxim, CosmoGirl and Teen Vogue have all taken notice and whacked her on the cover, and we have no reason to think she won’t be on English teenagers’ walls and running amok inside their forward-thinking imaginations some time soon.

Swift wore a plain green dress and Stone wore a really short, glittery number reminiscent of both Bollywood and the toilets in really posh restaurants. They disappeared into the premiere together and that, sadly, is all we’ll ever know about what happened next.

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