Behold, Emma Stone. At a premiere. In a dress that looks a bit like a dalmatian skin. But without the cruelty or the Disney references. And she could be wearing a brown and purple jumpsuit, it'd still look nifty. FHM formally issues a challenge to Emma to wear some sort of horribly colour matched jumpsuit. Be nifty. DO IT.

 Emma stone showing leg in Dalmatian spotted dress
OK, so we're making jokes about the dress but it does actually look pretty good.

Emma (and others - you'll see) were there for the premiere of The Help, set in the Civil Rights era of America in the 1960s. Emma plays the role of Eugenia 'Skeeter' Phelan, a journalist who decides to write a book about the lives of black housemaids (referred to as 'The Help').

These housemaids spend all their time looking after white people's kids and in return get treated like crap. You'd think that if someone was looking after your children every day you'd treat them properly. But no, apparently not. Silly pre-Civil Rights reformation American culture. Where were your manners? Where was your sense of social equality?

Anyways... the film has been doing pretty well in the USA, topping the US box office for close to a month and getting some positive reviews (we've not seen it yet but it seems worth a look). If you look out carefully for Emma, you may soon spot her (perhaps being amazing) in the eagerly anticipated Spiderman reboot - The Amazing Spider Man. Here she plays Spidey's love interest Gwen Stacy. Which probably means more premieres with Emma and perhaps more opportunities for us to issue challenges that involve jumpsuits.

Also, look down right now.

This is Octavia Spencer. She was at the premiere too and she made this face.