How exciting for 21-year-old Emma Stone. She’s going to be in the Spiderman movie, which is a reboot, or an origins or something, basically Spiderman is all young. Anyway, she’s not playing Mary Jane as was rumoured recently, she’s playing the Webbed Wonders other love interest Gwen Stacy. Good, that’s cleared that up then. She’s also done a shoot and interview for Nylon magazine. They’re not very racy, but then neither is Stone, she’s just cool. Because really, at the end of the day, would you rather have stunted boring conversations with a boring old model, or would you rather have an awesome time with a super pretty girl who’s cool and is in Spiderman and was in Zombieland and has an awesome sense of humour. Here are some snippets from the Nylon interview proving she’s lovely, and increasing the word count.

You’ve worked with some really big names; is there anyone you’re dying to work with but haven’t yet?

Oh my god, yes. There’s so many that I would just die [to work with]. Love Cameron Crowe. I looove Diane Keaton. She’s the ultimate. I don’t even know if I could be around her, because I’d be just like, [in a quiet voice] “Hey…What are you doing?” I’d just sit there, gawking at her.

Is it weird when people recognize you on the street?

I don’t get paparazzi, I have a very, very, totally normal life. So anytime anybody does recognize me, and they say something, that’s so nice. I’m like, cool! It’s when people are like, “Hey that’s the girl from Superbad. Look, look, do you see that that’s her?” It’s like, you guys, what are you doing? Just say “hi”, it’s just me. It’s weird.

You recently moved to New York City – have you had any quintessential New York moments?

Almost throwing up from car sickness in a taxi. That’s a quintessential New York moment.