As you may well know, Spider-man 4 is going into production very soon (although it won't have that name because it's a reboot of the series, so it's Spider-man -1 or something). It already has a Spidey in Andrew Garfield (The Social Network), but it may now also have found a female lead in Emma Stone, who has apparently been offered the role of Mary Jane, Peter Parker's love interest, according to Deadline Hollywood Daily. This is brilliant for the following reasons:

Emma Stone in Spider-man 4

1/ Our current obsession with Emma Stone is well documented. She's hot, obviously, but in an attractively relaxed, 'wouldn't freak out for the rest of the day if her hair got a tiny bit wet in a brief rainstorm', kind of way. She's also an excellent actress, capable of being very funny (Superbad), completely badass (Zombieland) and just utterly adorable (absolutely everything, including everyday life).

Emma Stone

2/ She's better than Kirsten Dunst, who previously played Mary Jane in the Sam Raimi Spider-man movies. She wasn't all that good at the acting or the being a redhead. Emma Stone is great at both, even those she's actually a natural blonde.

Emma Stone full length

3/ Reminder: Emma Stone looks like this.

Emma Stone on the red carpet

4/ This is another suggestion that the next Spider-man movie could be great, which the last movie most definitely was not. The new film is directed by Marc Webb (who made 500 Days of Summer, which is a really terrific movie, despite having a nauseating punning title – Summer is the name of the female lead), stars Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker (he is fantastic in The Social Network, aka The Facebook Movie), and it will almost definitely star Emma Stone, who, just in case you'd forgotten, is awesome and looks like this.

The next Spider-man movie, which takes Peter Parker back to school/college, is due for release in 2012.