Emma Watson won a prize at the Elle Style Awards last night. Did she win the title of 'Captain Legs: Owner of the Best Pins of the Evening'? No, but she might as bloody well have.

Emma actually took home the prize for Style Icon, which we think means lots of people want to look like her. And she did look really very good in a short dress that someone had nicked the side bits from. This was helped by the fact that she has very creditable legs.

Emma Watson at the Elle Style Awards 2011
Emma Watson walks the red carpet

Legs are a useful thing. Without legs we'd all be a lot shorter. Without legs football would be a farce. The legwarmer industry would collapse, taking with it literally tens of jobs. The film The Running Man would just become The Man, and probably not really be noticed nor sufficiently interesting to attract the interest of Arnold Schwarzenegger. The bingo call 'legs eleven' would become non-sensical. And Emma Watson would instead be wearing a dress notable only for missing a couple of bits at the side, so there would have been no reason to write this story. Some of you may feel that would have been a good thing, but we can probably all agree that legs are quite a good invention. Well done God/evolution/Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Here are those legs from a different angle (sorry about her making a face that suggests she's doing a really difficult maths problem while trying to hold in a little bit of lady flatulence). This angle also shows that her shoes are about six sizes too big, just like a child who has worn her mum's shoes. Now you feel like a weird pervert, don't you? Well, there we go then.

Everyone politely averted their gaze from the lady with the three arms