Emma Watson – her off Harry Potter, the one that plays Hermione – is now officially no longer a wizard. As the films came to a close, she’s been officially stripped of her magical powers and her wand has been requisitioned and stored in the wand shop in Diagon Alley, safe for the next apprentice witch who wanders gap-toothed and wide-eyed through the doors.

Emma Watson at the NY premier of Harry Potter
Emma got dark and moody in New York

And what a hell of a ride it’s been. Can’t say we cared much for the films – far too much Repulso and Flipendo for our liking - but we’ve watched Emma grow up right in front of us. She’s changed from a fuzzy-haired sprog into a can-we-fancy-her-yet-this-is-kinda-weird seventeen year old and finally blossomed into the short-haired wonder you see before you today.

Emma Watson outside Late Night with David Letterman
Then wore a dress with incorrectly allocated sleeves for David Letterman

With the advent of the last film, Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2 (and what a hell of a title that is), she’s of course been present at various premieres and functions all over the world looking pretty sexy in a variety of different dresses. And sure, you could get those pictures elsewhere on the internet. But do other places on the internet offer selections from all her recent events in one place to ease viewing?

Emma Watson at the London premiere of Harry Potter
Then she went back in time and travelled to London last week with the last vestiges of her magical power

No. That’s why you come to FHM. Because even though we’re late to the party, we come fully stocked. Enjoy these pictures of world’s sexiest fake magician Emma Watson – ruminate, discuss, absorb, and reminisce. And look forward to her later career of frantically trying to draw attention to the fact that while she was a child wizard once, she is now definitely not.