Emma Watson. Where do you start with Emma Watson? She’s worth an estimated $32 million dollars, she’s been the face of Burberry, and she was number 23 in our Sexiest Women poll.

Basically, you’re probably thinking 'Emma Watson is great, but I’d be more receptive if she was on the front of a glossy high-end magazine.'

Emma Watson Vogue
Emma had been stuck in the lift for well over an hour

Which is good, because we can say 'Well look at these pictures of Emma Watson on the cover of Vogue – a glossy, high-end magazine' – but then you’ll probably make more and more demands, since, let’s face it, you’re a bit needy.

Anyway, we like Emma Watson for a number of reasons. We like her because of her constantly-changing hair. We like her because she is seemingly very intelligent.

We also like her because she’s a bit ‘cool’, she’s not all about reading and studying. Emma Watson recently decided to take a bit of time off uni to work, and the uni were like “We’d like to point out you can’t do that, but you’re bloody Emma Watson.”

Emma Watson Vogue
Hen-chic is bang on trend this summer.

So it’s okay for Emma Watson to take time off promoting the second part to the seventh installment of the popular franchise about a wizard with a scar, but we can’t miss a day of work to try and make our own fireworks? Uncool.

Anyway, there’s no need in being angry at Em-Wat, it’s not her fault we have a penchant for gunpowder and explosives. But if our Editor is reading this, well, we kind of need to take tomorrow off. We need to make fireworks.

Emma Watson Vogue
Hint: it's a bin bag.