If, like us, you're the type who wouldn't have a single qualm about marrying for money, then we'd like to refer you to a new survey compiled by Heat magazine of the top 30 wealthiest British stars under the age of 30. Emma Watson is the youngest on the list, coming in third with over £20.5 million in earnings. Her Harry Potter co-stars haven't done badly either, with Daniel Radcliffe topping the list with a not insignificant £45.5 million and Rupert Grint coming in fourth with a paltry £19 million.

She's the second highest female earner on the list after Keira Knightley, whose estimated fortune is a cool £30 million. Keira's got five years on Emma, so we won't put down her inferior earnings as not for want of trying. Anyhow, they're both absurd sums of money to have acquired at such tender ages. We would hate to be plagued by such financial affliction. Just look at what winning the lottery did to Michael Carroll. That would be us in the space of a month.

Beauty, brains, and not short of a bob either.

No, we'd refuse to accept the windfall point blank. We strongly believe in hard graft as a means of disciplining the soul, so we'd probably struggle to maintain that ethos if we had all that dosh continually secreting out of our ears.This is why we'd settle for someone like Gemma Arterton or Kelly Brook, placed at No. 19 and No. 24 on the list respectively, because they've both got about £5 million each, which is still a lot, but not a silly amount of money.

Barring her slave, Emma still hasn't lost touch with reality

This is not to say that should either Keira or Emma ever come knocking we'd kick them to the gutter. No, we're gentlemen here. We would give them an ultimatum: Dispense with your materialistic goods or risk losing us for eternity. OK, so this does contradict our mercenary attitude at the beginning of this article, but we've become older and wiser since then. Remember, money comes and goes. But a dog is for life, not just for Christmas.