Why, it's girl-wizard Emma Watson! What's she up to now? Repelling evil invaders, probably, or busily researching a spell and getting overly friendly with mop-haired Ron Weasley, no doubt. What's that? She's in some kind of period drama about Marilyn Monroe? Oh. That's not what we're used to at all.

Emma Watson in My Week With Marilyn
We're not sure whether we like this

So there're absolutely no spells in this film at all, then? Not even just minor ones that fix glasses or bother goblins? No broomsticks? No wands? No potions? No mythical creatures or Scottish Half-Giants? No. My Week With Marilyn contains zero witchcraft and only background levels of wizardry, dealing instead with the titular lady's journey around England for a week whilst she was filming a movie over here.

Along the way, she'll learn a little bit about herself (and England, we'd presume) as well as meeting a pretty young wardrobe assistant. Why would we mention the assistant? Because that assistant, who goes by the rather unexciting name of 'Lucy' (no offense to any Lucys out there, of course, you guys are great), is played by none other than Emma Watson.

Emma Watson in My Week With Marilyn
Here she is!

Good stuff. As you can see, she's decked out in appropriately old-fashioned clothes and there's not a school tie or a pointy black hat in sight. But will Emma be able to break out of the witchy mould that she's made for herself in Harry Potter? Probably not if irreverent wankers like us keep insisting that she's somehow still Hermione, despite all her efforts. Still. Enjoy the pictures.