Warner Brothers must either be downsizing or going completely down the pan. Why else would they have bought a poky little film studio in Watford for their future ventures? We know the rental prices in Hollywood must be expensive, but Watford? Really? You could've bought a nice little place outside of Los Angeles instead. Wouldn't have cost you much. Instead, you've decided on a town whose unique selling point is its proximity to the M1. At least you can escape quickly.

Emma Warner celebrates Warner Brothers takeover

But what's that? They're planning a £100 million expansion of the studio? Whoa. That will effectively render the entire town a film set. What will happen to Oceana? Who will save the Harlequin? Citizens, we feel a protest is in order. Stop the big, mean yankies from destroying our beautiful, grade-listed landmarks. Oceana, the sole refuge of the underage debauchee, and the Harlequin, the sole refuge of the jobless scoundrel. 

Warner Brothers party at Claridge's

Is it just us, or is Daniel Radcliffe not looking his best? We don't know what old Hazza Pothead may have been up to lately, but he looks as if he could do with a rest. And an hour on a sun bed. Or maybe it's because he's standing next to Emma Watson, a place where any normal being would be lucky not to look like a withered little hobbit.

The gang were all there at Claridge's Hotel to mark the celebration of Warner Brothers' acquisition of Watford (or 'the studio'). We'd bring you a picture of Ron but he spent most of the evening with his head stuck in the toilet after that nasty Draco Malfoy put a faecal attraction spell on him.