Fashion awards, like the CDFAs, are a bit boring. You know who’s not boring? Miranda Kerr and Emmanuelle Chriqui. They’re not boring at all.

Well, maybe they’re boring sometimes. We can’t be sure. Maybe occasionally Miranda Kerr insists on telling you about a new book she’s reading even though you clearly don’t give a shit and how it’s a fantastic interplay of 18th Century Russian politics and modern satire and God’s sake, Miranda, give it a rest already.

Emmanuelle Chriqui at some fashion award ceremony

Or maybe Emmanuelle Chriqui likes to discuss the relative merits of different Eastern European economies in the wake of the global financial crisis while wearing a grey suit, and, uh, listening to Enya. That’s about the most boring thing we can think of, aside from reading seemingly random numbers into a microphone.

But as far as we’re concerned – in their role in our lives as beautiful women who have their pictures taken occasionally – they’re never boring. They’re gorgeous. And good for them. They were at the CFDAs on Saturday night, which is why we mentioned it in the first paragraph.

Emmanuelle Chriqui at some fashion award ceremony

CDFA stands for the “Council of Fashion Designers of America,” and it’s their responsibility to encourage up-and-coming designers and give out awards to people who are really good at making clothes. Great stuff.

Lady Gaga was there, too, and apparently forgot to cover her nipples – she looked daft (so daft we’re not even going to publish the pictures, but if you really want to see them then, well, here you go) but uncovering her organic parts at least goes to dispel the myth that she’s a time-travelling plastic sexbot from a dystopian future..