As if Christmas wasn’t bad enough already, it seems as if the upcoming holiday season has become the cause for Victoria’s Secret Angels - like the latest addition to the lingerie giants’ stable of beauties: 21-year-old Erin Heatherton - to cover up and wear stripy pyjamas. Probably so they don’t catch a chill. Lingerie models get cold too, you know.

We’re just 59 days away from Christmas and the good people at Victoria’s Secret have already got a catalogue ready for the 2010 holiday season, which features Adriana Lima and Candice Swanepoel alongside Erin, but wearing slightly less.

We’re quite sure the catalogue’s a treat they’ve given us for Christmas, as opposed to their method of making millions from selling their bras and knickers and stuff for men to give to their better halves as a gift. Yeah, that’s definitely the reason.

Being the business experts we are here at FHM, we reckon that we may have spotted a flaw in the Victoria’s Secret catalogue’s release date, as we think they could have released the catalogue around December 20, because no man with a female partner will be thinking of buying Christmas presents any length of time before they actually need to. No man. And if you are someone that has started buying presents already: shame on you - you’ve still got two months.

Pyjamas and silly all-in-one sleep suits appear to be all the rage with women at the moment, but fear not lingerie fans around the world, Erin’s not mindlessly following fashion, as it seems she was wearing lingerie under her pyjamas, all along. She’s such a tease.

 Now isn’t that better?

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