If you were watching this year’s Australian Open final, you probably had some time for your eyes and mind to wander as you awaited Andy Murray’s inevitable crumbling into angry Scottish dust at the hands of Novak Djokovic. As you mentally strolled through the crowd, your sight probably came to land on the lady featured on these pages. And then stayed there, happily forgetting that Murray has yet to realise you need to win actual sets in order to take a Grand Slam final.

And were you a student, unemployed or a young girl during 2007, you’ll probably recognise Erin McNaught as Sienna from Neighbours. Or, if you’re Australian, she may be familiar from her current job as an MTV VJ. If her life had turned out a little differently, however, you’d probably know her as the most attractive wildlife biologist in the world.

“I never planned to do any of what I’m doing now,” says the 28-year-old. “I wanted to be a park ranger or a zookeeper.”

Erin McNaught in a red bikini
The new zookeeper costumes went down well.

But though she gave up her animal-based dreams after university, she still retains a lot of faintly useless scientific knowledge.

“You know that smell in the air just after it starts raining?” she asks. “It’s called petrichor.”

Of course it is. We bet Andy Murray didn’t know that…