Eva Longoria’s kind of gone off the boil a bit lately. She came 3rd in the 100 Sexiest Women in the World 2007 and then took her foot off the pedal, getting all complacent and becoming a bit less ravishingly hot.

We can’t say we blame her: we once got a compliment at school along the lines of “well done, that’s a definite improvement on the rest of your work this term,” and took it as an invitation to take the rest of the month off to play Pro Evo and smoke doobs. It wasn’t. A letter got sent home. But who was at home to receive it? That’s right – us. Not the brightest, these teachers.

We’re pleased to see that Eva Longoria’s hotness appears to be making something of a resurgence. A much-appreciated return to form. Look at her in this promotional video for the MTV Awards, for instance (as if you haven’t already).

The rap, let’s face it, is pretty bloody bad. But that’s obviously the point. There are a few glaring contradictions and errors of fact:

“I’m here to host; I ain’t doin’ no chattin” – wouldn’t make the best host then. Who next year, Mr Bean?

“I’m fast and cheap, like Maserati” – a Maserati costs upwards of £100k, that’s not what we’d call ‘cheap’. That’s a bit like saying, “I’m a nice person and attractive, like Adolf Hitler.” (We held an office debate and the consensus was that Adolf Hitler was unattractive. "Bad body", apparently.)

But we’re more than willing to forgive the Latino lovely for those idiosyncrasies. Why? Because we’re admirably forgiving? Because we all make mistakes? Because Eva’s trying her hand at something new and that should be commended even if her first steps are somewhat faltering? No, because she looks hot to trot, yo. 

Small woman or big wheel is the new "glass half-full or half-empty"