35-year-old Eva Longoria is best know for her role in Desperate Housewives which a quick Google search revealed is still running despite the general public being larger unawares of its existence. She’s also a model, or was one at least. Now she’s doing it again for Harpers Bazaar, which is a magazine for people who do their ‘big shop’ at the Harrods food hall. In the photo’s she on the street in a dress and they have simulated the moment when she has dropped some other clothes and shoes. It is a dramatic vignette, a snapshot that perfectly encapsulates the career of busy and successful actress, or something. In the other photo she’s having a drink in suspenders in a posh house because, well why not?

When you’ve been successful and you have some down time you do these kind of things. When you’re the master of your universe, you can do that. When you’ve used all your other ideas like baby tiger hunting and filling a rocket full of Nazi gold and firing it into the sun, just because you can, you do this, just stand around, in your pants drinking. Must be lovely. Being famous and wealthy eh? Just imagine. You still have human worries and fears, but having financial fears lifted would be great. No more late night fears, always reaching for the Taste the Difference…Good times.