This is the problem with marking an event which does not have lasting certainty by permanently inking your skin. By all means, get a tattoo of your birthday, the day you had your first snog, the anniversary of your dog's death. These events are personal, and there is little chance that your feelings towards them will turn sour with time or age.

However, the same cannot unfortunately be said when something which you thought would last an eternity comes to an abrupt end. Marriage, for instance. Consult Fig.1. Now, Eva Longoria had the word "Nine" imprinted on the back of her neck in honour of her now estranged husband's shirt number for the San Antonio Spurs. Granted, it could've been worse. She could've had "Eva and Tone 4EVA." At least "Nine" is an oblique reference, positioned in a place that she'll never see without the aid of at least six mirrors and a projector.

Fig. 1. Nice neck, shame about the tattoo

Eva has also got "07/07" tattooed in Roman numerals on her wrist, commemorating the month and year of her marriage. The Chicago-Sun Times has reported that Eva has been consulting the best Hollywood tattoo removal specialists to erase these constant reminders of her broken marriage.

We're not cynics here. But we think that Eva will perhaps be less eager to tarnish her beautiful skin for any prospective future tributes. Instead, she could have a henna done every few weeks, or simply use a felt-tip pen. In fact, we suggest this course of action to all those considering having the name of their current boyfriend/girlfriend tattoed onto various parts of their anatomy. You may believe it's a sign of undying loyalty, but when you find out they've been having it off with your best friend, chances are you're going to feel rather silly.

Eva didn't want to be reminded of Tony whenever she looked at her watch