Eva Mendes always performs well at premieres. Here she is at the London premiere of cop comedy The Other Guys, a film for which she’s already attended a premiere in Los Angeles.

Do they get bored when they have to do that? Or do they just leave after ten minutes and sneak off to watch something else on another screen and then go to the after party and thank everyone so much for coming? We'd get bored. And hungry.

Eva Mendes mole

Eva Mendes on the big screen is an amazing thing. Eva Mendes is a woman so beautiful she makes us feel like we've been hit by a bus. Mainly because we once were - wing mirror to the head while drooling over a sweaty, stocking-clad Mendes advertising Calvin Klein undercrackers. Still, six stitches or not, we can't stay mad at this Miami-born 36-year-old. Partly because actress Natasha Alam gives her "a ten for snogging" (in 2008 chick flick The Woman), partly because Hitch has been on the telly so often we're convinced we're husband and wife. When we see pictures of her out on the town, sometimes we rustle up some dinner and leave it in the oven in case she's peckish when she gets in.

Eva Mendes is smiling

The film, which also stars Ron Burgundy, Dirk Diggler, The Rock, Jules Winnfield and Batman, is in cinemas this Friday, September 19.

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