While you were out living it up this weekend, China were busy huddled around futuristic-looking computer screens, sending a fully robotic space machine to the moon and proudly ticking off the "visit the moon" box on their national checklist.

Here's everything that you need to know:

01  The moon rover is a solar-powered buggy called Jade Rabbit. The name was chosen after a huge online poll and refers to a mythical Chinese space rabbit that lived on the moon, which is awesome.

It’s also about a bazillion trillion times better than any name that NASA have coined for their rovers and, as a bonus, it makes us think of this hotty:

02  China could be about to take over space. Considering how renowned they are for being technological giants, China have taken their sweet time when it comes to space, joining the moon party nearly four decades after anyone else went up.

That said, along with the US and Soviet Union, they’re still only the third nation to make it up there officially, so it’s not to be sniffed at.

03  They’ve got epic sci-fi ambitions.
In June, they sent three astronauts into orbit for 15 days, and they’re aiming to build a massive badass space station by 2020, meaning they're seriously making up for lost time.

Cue Russia and NASA looking over their garden fence and furiously polishing their own space shuttles…

04  They might find aliens.
OK, based on previous visits, the chances are fairly unlikely, but they’ve touched down in an area called the Bay of Rainbows, which has never been studied before.

It could therefore, in theory (don't hold us to this), have a few little green men kicking about and moaning about the lack of phone signal.

04  They could be about to get seriously stinking rich with space gold. Along with testing new gadgets and speeding around the moon like a really expensive game of Mario Kart, the rover is also going to be scouting out valuable minerals.

If they find anything, the next step is sending up a cosmic drill team to mine the shit out of the place and bring it back to earth. Hello space money bags.

Annnnnnnnnnnd breathe. Allow the information to process and take a look at Melanie Iglesias playing with a hula hoop.


And now watch the whole sexy thing here: