Forget the skimpy spandex and meditation - Broga is yoga for dudes, and it's time you got involved, as highlighted by this month's FHM, where we get the bendy lowdown from Matt Miller AKA  "Miller the Pillar" to his mates.

He's a pro-bodybuilder from sunny California who's jumped the pond to show us that real men can touch their toes without farting.

It's the blokiest thing to happen to yoga in its 5,000 year history and, with a little help from Instagram, here's why you should get involved, get to the shops and read our awesome guide.

01 You can do it anywhere. For some reason, it's very popular on beaches, which we're absolutely fine with.

02 Your new party trick will be bursting into the splits and not picking up a hernia.

03 You can have a sexy yoga buddy. 

04 You'll remember the extraordinary power of just sitting.

05 You can combine it with other sports.

06 Dogs bloody love it. In fact, yoga with dogs ("doga") is actually a thing.

07 You can tie yourself up into a knot and scare the shit out of people by rolling out of cupboards.

08 You'll see the world from a completely different perspective.

09 Yoga makes people happier. Fact.

10 Yoga pants. Yoga. Pants.

Broga! Broga! Broga!...that's the Animal House quote, right?