You may remember Zahia Dehar from such underage prostitute sex scandals as French footballer Franck Ribery, French footballer Karim Benzema and French footballer Sidney Govou. Well, that was a while ago, she’s 19 now, and things have moved on quite a bit.

Zahia Dehar boobs
This is her

She’s now starring in the fruity film Bionic, which is playing at the top of the page unless your computer is really naff.

Here’s one of those things we do sometimes where we break the film down into little bits and try to make sense of what’s going on at various points:

0-5 seconds: London skyline. Looks a bit overcast. Probably going to regret wearing shorts today.


54 seconds: Well that was a waste of a perfectly good banana.

55 seconds – 2 minutes 48 seconds: There’s more weird sexiness happening.

2 minutes 49 seconds: Oh, look, London again. And it seems like the weather’s improving a bit. Good.

3 minutes 1 second: Someone’s going to have to pay to repair that, y’know.

3 minutes 5 seconds: That bloke’s just stepped on the cracks in the pavement. Isn’t that meant to be bad luck? We’re sure it is. Of course, it is a load of superstitious bollocks that has as much bearing on our respective fortunes as a black cat running across three drain covers in pursuit of a magpie, but still.

3 minutes 10 seconds: Oh no! That bloke’s gone and done the same thing.

3 minutes 12 seconds: Right then.

Zahia Dehar Greg Williams
This man is called Greg Williams, aka 'Jammy Git'

The guy behind this film, Greg Williams, leads a hell of a life. When he’s not making weird and sexy short films with French temptress Zahia Dehar, he spends his days photographing and videoing other outrageously sexy ladies such as Megan Fox, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Daisy Lowe and Rachel Weisz.

This, in the week we discovered it’s some bloke’s job to pour water on Victoria Secret Angel Candice Swanepoel? It’s all just too much.

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