Vitals: Amy Westbrook Age: 19 From: Burton-on-Trent Friends: 600+

Would you check someone’s Facebook page before going on a date?
I would, yeah. I’d do it so I knew what to expect, knew what they looked like and what they like doing. A bit of a heads up.

Posey or silly profile picture?
I like a silly one, something that shows some personality. Mine depends on whatever the newest picture is. Sometimes they’re posey and sometimes they’re silly.

Tag or be tagged?
Usually I let others tag me because I’m lazy.

Friend request, poke or full message?
I like a full message, just saying the reasons why they’ve added me. Fees like it needs to be explained.

Brunette girl in lingerie kneeling down holding a hand of cards

Should we comment on your photos?
Yeah, that’s always nice, as long as you’re saying something nice and aren’t being horrible.

Have you ever changed someone’s status as a joke?
No. I haven’t even ever had mine changed. It seems a bit mean.

Facebook forever?
Not if something better comes along. I’m not that militant about it.

Amy's friend

Name: Tom Read Age: 20 From: Burton-on-Trent, “We met at a 6th form party”

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