Vitals: Ellie Bond Age: 21 From: Brighton Friends: 700, though I had a bit of a purge recently Will you ever leave Facebook? No way, I'm Facebook all the way Facebook fact: With 500 million members, if Facebook was a country it would have the third biggest population in the world after China and India

Would you check someone’s Facebook before going on a date?
Definitely. You have to see what they’re like before you go out with them. You can tell a lot from a few dodgy pictures.

Posey or silly profile picture?
Silly profile picture for sure, there’s nothing less cool or attractive than taking yourself too seriously.

Tag you or let you tag yourself in pictures?
I tend to tag myself actually, I’m a bit vain like that. I’ve de-tagged myself in quite a few as well, especially the ones where I’m a bit too drunk.

Friend request, poke or full message?
I’d say a friend request with a little message so it’s a bit more personal. I don’t like pokes, I’m just not sure what they actually mean. Weird. You need to be a bit more direct otherwise I get confused.

Should we comment on your photos?
Yeah, I like a nice cheeky comment. Nothing too sleazy, anything that’s a bit funny or mickey-taking is good.

Have you ever changed someone’s status update as a joke?
I’ve changed my sister’s as a form of revenge as she’s on my wall all the time writing rubbish. She’s only 17 but I got her back.

Ellie's 'friend'

Name: Carl Southwell Age: 30 From: Brighton, "We met three years ago at a party I'd gatecrashed."