Vitals: Francesca Moynihan, Age: 24, From: Stockport, Friends: 407, Facebook fact: Be careful who your virtual friends are. If 80% or more of your Facebook mates are female, Francesca marks you out as a “player”.

Would you check someone’s Facebook before going on a date?
I would and I have. If I think that a supposedly single guy might have a girlfriend, I jump on Facebook and have a good old look.

Posey or silly profile pic?
Go for one that shows off your personality. If your pic is too posey, I think you love yourself a little too much.

Tag you or let you tag yourself into pictures?
Tag me – I’m okay with not so flattering pictures. You can’t always look perfect – especially after a few vinos!

Friend request, poke or message?
I certainly won’t turn down a friend request from a hot guy, but I’m all for messages. I like when guys explain how they have found me and why they want to be my friend.

Should we comment on your photos?
If you’re going to write something nice or funny, be my guest, but if you’re going to write something nasty, you’re getting deleted.

Ever changed somebody’s status update as a joke?
I’ve done it as a joke and for revenge. I changed my friend’s for a laugh and my ex’s to get back at him. I said: “he only loves himself”, which was naughty, looking back.

Francesca’s ‘friend’

Name: Luke Reilly, Age: 21, From: Manchester, “We used to work on different floors in the same office.”