Fearne Cotton was snapped talking on her phone as she left the Radio 1 studios yesterday, which begs the question: who was she talking to? Was she in discussions with Capital FM about a possible move? Was she discussing afternoon tea plans with best buddy Holly Willoughby? Or was she perhaps on the blower to FHM?

She wasn’t speaking to FHM. Which is lucky, because yesterday afternoon we were busy discussing lava-hot subjects including, ‘the plays we’d written while at school’. One of us had penned a 12-scene epic surrounding stereotypes, while another had inked a deep, bizarre ditty about four pregnant women whose antenatal class was attacked by terrorists. Tom Stoppard has yet to adapt either. Still, it’s his loss, and all that.

And talking of losses, we’re at a loss to explain why 29-year-old DJ and presenter Fearne didn’t feature in last year’s FHM 100 Sexiest Women in the World listing. Could it have been her accent? Or her tattoos? Or her engagement ring? Whatever your reason, stop being so petty, she's hot, vote for her in this year's poll, or else we’ll get very, very angry.

And you won’t like us when we’re angry. Not because we turn green and break stuff, or anything, just because, like most people, we’re not particularly pleasant to be around. Fearne, however, is pleasant to be around, and if you don’t believe us enter the Bath Half Marathon and see for yourself.

"I’m running it for my cancer charity,” explained Cotton. Impressive, huh? It is, but don’t get too close. According to her Twitter, she likes running with her iPod “blaring”.

"I'll have a score each-way on the 2.20 at Chepstow"