Ever wondered what a supermodel eats? So have we. It’s probably healthy, right? Do you think it is some sort of ever-repeating combination of bran flakes, lima beans and the occasional chicken breast? We do. Just seems like the right combination of protein and complex carbohydrates to ensure maximum litheness. And maximum litheness is essential for all that catwalk sexy strutting and pulling mysterious faces for the cameraman. However, this is all speculation and we shall continue to guess wildly about how they’re doing it until we finally get an answer.  One day.

Still, we came close to finding out this time! We have some pictures for you of Fernanda Motta and Allasandra Ambrosio hanging out in a place that serves food. Some people call it a café. And almost eating, too, but getting a bit distracted by opportunities to climb on stuff and generally just be hot. And probably some talking as well. Hell, they may have even got a leg wax, you just can’t tell. And goddamnit, who can blame them? You can do pretty much anything you want when you are Fernanda, Allasandra or some combination of the two of them OR both of them simultaneously. Which obviously both of them are. Hahaha take THAT, logical supposition!

Alessandra Ambrosio climbs over chair
And now I have decided to go climbing. No limits 

So, what could they be doing instead? (Remember, ain’t nobody puttin’ limits on these guys) We think they’re most probably having a serious conversation about serious modelling business such as how to get more cover spreads, expensive shoes, expensive dresses, expensive cars, and TV coverage. After all they’re both from Brazil and winning at modelling, so they’ve probably got lots to talk about, and no time for nonsense!

Modelling is serious business.