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Let’s be honest, February is not one of the year’s most stellar months. Not only is every man and his cat penniless from the festive period, it’s still months before the sight of girls frolicking in parks and leaping for Frisbees in summery dresses is once again a common occurrence. (Note: if you do see any semi-clad girls doing this over the next few weeks, as much as you might initially feel aroused, it’s almost certainly a sign of mental imbalance and you should escort them to a medical professional immediately. Or lend them your coat.)

But there is at least one reason to be cheerful. And that is the awesome new issue of FHM. It’s a good ’un, and we promise there’s enough brilliance over the 150-odd pages to beat any winter blues that may be attacking you into a mushy pulp of joy. For starters there are some very sexy pictures of some very lovely girls, including newbie rocker Taylor Momsen and her adult superstar chum Jenna Haze. There are also a bunch of meaty articles we reckon you’ll enjoy reading, including an investigation into whether footy is still racist. On top of all that, there’s a photo of a monkey holding a mug on page 39. And if that doesn’t put a smile on your face, then you’re obviously dead inside. Either that, or your family were murdered by a rabid tribe of monkeys when you were a child and it’s provoked horrific flashbacks. In which case, we’re deeply sorry.

Thanks, as always, for buying the mag. We love you all.

Joe Barnes, editor
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Taylor Momsen FHM

The smoking-hot rock star invites her equally fit mates (including adult star Jenna Haze) round to break stuff and be generally amazing.


Is football racist FHM

Does the media have its knickers in a twist, or is racism still rife on and off the pitch? FHM investigates...


Nathan Cleverly

The Welsh light-heavyweight world champion teaches you how to train like a champ.


FHM holy ship

It's all aboard the ultimate party boat with Fatboy Slim, Tommy Lee and lots and lots of nipple stickers.


Janina Gavankar FHM

The True Blood star puts on her fanciest pants and makes us want to wife her.


Taylor Momsen

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