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Are you sitting down? Prepare to fall in love with Amelia Heather: the cider-drinking Kentish hottie with a love of Ian Fleming and Monty Python...

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Name: Amelia Heather

Age: 25

From: Kent

Twitter: Sorry, I don't tweet.

Instagram: @ameliaheather

Day job: Service Co-ordinator

Dream job: Cider Taster in a cider brewery.

Favourite song/playlist: The whole XX album by The xx and anything by Queen.

Recommend us a film: Drive. The soundtrack is a perfect match, too.

A book: Any of Ian Fleming's Bond stories.

Last gig: Tenacious D.

First gig: Spice Girls (I'm a child of the 90s).

Turn ons: Quick wit and a cheeky smile.

Turn offs: Pretty faces with ugly personalities.

Tell us a secret about yourself: I can quote the majority of Monty Python word for word...

What to get me from the bar: Cider.

Cook me: Italian/Mexican/Mediterranean food.

Perfect night in: BBQ in the garden with my friends.

Perfect night out: Good food, good company, drinks and dancing.

What makes you swipe right on Tinder? A genuine smile and an unpretentious

And swipe left? Nudity and toilet pics...

Pants or thongs? Thongs (no VPL).

Tumblr or Instagram?

Cats or dogs? Both but, if forced to choose, dogs.

Beer or wine? Wine.

Onesie or nonesie? Nonesie. Less washing to do...

Gym or sofa? Gym (forever ab day).

Scrabble or Twister? Twister ;)

Early bird or night owl? Night owl.

Poking or poker? Poker.

Road trip or boat party? Road trip (I get sea sick).

Bum or boobs? Bum - I have plenty.

Heels or trainers? Heels (I have little legs).


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