Grab your board and head to the beach with Rachel, the steak-gobbling support worker with an interesting food fetish…

FHM Girlfriend Selfies: Rachel

FHM Girlfriend Selfies: Rachel

FHM Girlfriend Selfies: Rachel

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FHM Girlfriend Selfies: Rachel

FHM Girlfriend Selfies: Rachel

FHM Girlfriend Selfies: Rachel

Name: Rachel

Age: 25

From: Falmouth, Cornwall

Twitter: @Rachel_Models1

Instagram: @rachelmcdonaldx

Day job: Support worker and part-time model

Dream job: I’d like to own a café on a beach. A nice quirky little one in somewhere like Thailand or Bali.

Favourite song: I’m not a fan of him but I love Kayne West’s song Bound 2. I can’t stand the video, though.

Recommend us a film: Tangled because I think the girl looks like me! I cried when she cut her hair at the end.

Recommend us a book: A Child Called It by Dave Pelzer

Last gig: I don’t really do gigs so probably Boardmasters Festival.

First gig: Take That. I saw them at the Pirate FM road show on Gylly beach before they were really famous, so Robbie was there. My sister and I went and saw them again when they made their comeback at the 02 too!

Turn-ons: Good teeth and nice eyes! Oh and he has to smell good too.

Turn-offs: Swearing. I don’t like heavy swearing on guys. Or spitting. any kind of dirty habit like that is a turn off.

Tell us a secret about yourself: I have a secret fetish of watching people eat.

Cook me: A massive steak, I love meat! Followed by either an apple crumble or a banoffee pie. Yeah I’ll probably go for the banoffee pie, or maybe a chocolate fudge cake! Actually any kind of dessert would do.

Perfect night in: A good film, a bottle of wine and a massive bar of chocolate.

Perfect night out: I’m going off the whole clubbing thing so probably a nice bar with a few cocktails.

What makes you swipe right on Tinder? Oh it’s such a shallow app isn’t it? I guess I swipe right for attractive and friendly-looking guys.

And left? Someone who I wasn’t attracted to?

Pants or thongs? Thongs.

Tumblr or Instagram? Instagram.

Cats or dogs? Dogs.

Beer or wine? Wine.

Heels or trainers? Trainers.

Early bird or night owl? Night owl.

Bum or boobs? Bum.

Gym or sofa? Gym.


Interview by Frederica Palmer


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