Torrential rain, landslides and a very wet Wimbledon – it can mean only one thing. That’s right, yet another July in soggy old Blighty is upon us.

But luckily there is one ray of sunshine casting its warm, wobbly glow over all us men folk, and it comes in the shapely form of the lovely miss Georgia Salpa.

The Irish goddess provides two epically proportioned reasons to sprint down to your local newsagents to nab yourself a copy of the new mag, but if you’re the type that needs extra convincing, get a load of this:
We head down to Somerset for the ultimate cider taste test; get all up Man vs Food maestro Adam Richmond’s grill; learn how to make a number one record with DJ Fresh; find out from a US Marshal how to take down a terrorist; and take very sexy pictures of very sexy girls getting up to all manner of summery antics.

Oh yeah, and did we mention that this month we’re giving you TWO magazines for the price of ONE? Well we are.

Our FHM Bionic Olympic special is fronted by the world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt, and is packed full of sporty goodness from the likes of Sir Chris Hoy, Jessica Ennis and Mark Cavendish.

Still not convinced? Watch this behind the scenes video of Georgia Salpa, and once you’ve picked your jaw up from off the floor and given your pants a chance to cool down, do the honourable thing and p-p-p-pick up a copy of our 100% brilliant August issue.