FHM meets the lederhosen-bursting girls of Oktoberfest

Posted by , 25 September 2014

FHM meets the lederhosen-bursting girls of Oktoberfest


For 16 days every year, six million people descend on Germany’s most picturesque city in their finest lederhosen and bosom-boosting dirndls to consume over seven million litres of extra-strong Bavarian beer. For fans of booze and cleavage, it’s basically a glimpse of what heaven might be like.

The vibe: The Germans, who outnumber the tourists massively, take their time over their one-litre jugs of 6.5% beer, but even this steady pace has them twat-arsed by midday. Soon people are standing on their seats, dancing boisterously to the brassy jig of the oompah bands. By 3pm several others are lying face down in pools of spilled beer, or their own vomit.

The beer: One litre will set you back a whopping 10 Euros, but it’s a small price to pay for what amounts to almost two pints of some of the finest (and strongest) brown gold on the planet.

The girls: There are no two ways about it: everywhere you look at Oktoberfest there are hot girls. FHM went roving with a camera to capture Germany’s finest fräuleins*…

Words by Dan Masoliver
Photography by Simon Koy


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