The Inbetweeners girls! In an office!

School can't last forever, so sixth formers Emily Atack, Emily Head and new starter Hannah Tointon now require some on-the-job training. The girls are guaranteed to brighten up any office. The shoot includes a photocopier. Oh yes.

FHM Inbetweeners - The Girls

Epic sex hunt!

Two gits from the office got to travel the globe on company expenses on a mission to pull fashion models. Stuart Hood (whose advantage is stress-induced insomnia) and Matt Hambly (who's got 'contacts') were the chosen ones.

The secrets behind celebrity news

Ever wondered why there are so many football-related sex scandals? Us too. So we investigated the way tabloid editors and sports agents collude to make up the news. Well you weren't gonna do it, were you?

Living room workout

Why toil away next to a panting sweatbox in the gym when you can just tone up in front of the telly instead? Be afraid, Virgin Active, be very afraid.

The Inbetweeners boys! In a 100-page style mag!

The 24 things every man must do this season, the £500 haircut, FHM buys a grown-up suit, sexiest ever advertising campaigns and in a (stylish) twist on The Final Countdown, we've got 'The 10 Style Mistakes You Always Make'.

FHM Inbetweeners - The Boys

PLUS: How to live forever! Fake your way to success! Lose your shit like Mel Gibson!

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