Look! It's Diana Vickers in her knickers.

Here's some advice for any X Factor hopefuls out there: don't win.

Compare the post-show careers of the triumphant Matt Cardle, Joe McElderry and Leon Jackson (remember him?) to some of the franchise's runners-up. One Direction, bronze medallists in 2010, now the biggest band on the entire planet. JLS. Olly Murs. All have gone on to boast pop careers that Steve Brookstein could only dream of.

But of all the also-rans to grace The X Factor's decade-long run, there's one act who has always been on FHM's radar: No, it's not Journey South or Eoghan Quigg. It's the girl who, over the past five years, has graduated from bare-footed husky-voiced teenage pixie to mega-sexy uber-cool pop star.

Diana Vickers FHM promo image

It is, of course, Diana Vickers – the 22-year-old Blackburnian who you lovely people have voted the sexiest X Factor contestant of all time. And here she is, in her first-ever FHM cover shoot.

It's a hundred percent yes from you, a million percent yes from us and it's out in the shops and online for you to buy RIGHT NOW.

Diana Vickers FHM cover December

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