Golly what a lovely bunch of human coconuts! Whether you're looking for a California girl to hit the town with or just a bit of good old fashioned fun you can find them all over here. For a quid... A QUID.

Shannon, 20, Surrey

I'm an average 20yr old loves clubbing and generally girly things, im a family person love my famo to pieces. ive got a full time job at asda ive studied beauty therapy and ive a nvq2 my goals- i want to get driving and do mobile beauty.. I have my own style and im in love with chino's & vans if you want to know anything else message me =)

Bella, 21, London

Hello. I'm compassionate, very happy, balanced, level headed and outrageous. I see life as a playground, and feel like I'm sitting on the moon most of the time. I go from being dreamy and playful, to passionate and driven.  In a man, I'd like somebody who is happy, motivated and spontaneous...good looking too. I'm not going to lie :-P

Stephanie, 24

I'm 24 soon to be 25 later this month in august. I'm easy going born in the bay area in calirfornia, live in the suburbs in nor cali...I have family in eastbourne love london too.  Going to be coming that way again at the end of august through early september. I work for a large bank for over 6 years ...and a banker At this point in my life I have not found someome that has caught my eye in the love world just always thought maybe the person for me isn't in the US for me? I'm traditonal, but I love to be social go out, spend time with family, walks on the beach I love pets!

Love to travel...(obviously) ...little things in life mean a lot too like cooking and just hanging out....I love to cook I'm always trying new recipies and being creative, love the open markets I love coffee, chapstick, movies and good hearted people that are genuine.  I can be totally entertained with an amazing night on the town (bar, club, theatre, dinner, dancing) Or just be snuggled on the couch listening to music drinking some wine

Ashleigh, 28, Essex

Well, I live in Dagenham but don't let that put you off, I'm originally from Northamptonshire.  I have 2 children Jordan who is 7 years and Hollie-Georgina 10 months. They amaze me everyday and I feel so lucky to have them. I'm not really one for going out and partying, I do do it just not often. I like to snuggle on the sofa with my babies and watch cartoons, I have more fun with the kids anyway.  I think it's about time I found someone who wants the same things as me, I'm done with being used and abused just for kicks.