Beautiful celebrities! Sexy girls in costumes! Games! Comics! Swag! And more nerds than you've EVER SEEN.

Comic Con, held every year in San Diego, is a massive nexus for all things geek. We trekked out there to check out the gaming exhibits and maybe get off with a girl dressed as Wonder Woman in the bargain. 

You’ll notice a drop in quality for some of the shots in this article, because while many of them were taken by a professional photographer, most of the ones inside the Con were taken by a hungover and jetlagged FHM journalist on an out-of-date camera phone. Our apologies, but fit blurry girls are still fit girls, right?

Kate Beckinsale at Comic Con 2011
In the beginning there was only darkness, until the Lord said "Let there be Kate"

We’ll start with someone famous – the delightful Kate Beckinsale. K-Becks was on a panel for Underworld 4 – they’ve managed to ditch Kate Beckinsale lookalike and actress Rhona Mitry, and get the real thing back for more Vampires vs Werewolves action. We always thought the Underworld films were kind of limited. Why not throw Pirates into the mix, as well? Or Mormons? Missing a trick, there.

Tanya Tate at Comic Con 2011
It was about 30 centigrade outside, so we're glad we weren't wearing those boots

Much like Kate Beckinsale, this lady is English. Unlike Kate Beckinsale, she’s not tremendously famous. Her name is Tanya Tate – she’s a model, apparently, according to the flyer that her manager thrust into our hand after we took a picture of her – and in addition to this Electra Girl getup (is Electra Girl even a superhero? We’re calling shenanigans) she’s got a website with various pictures of her in costume. Which is fine by us.

Some dude dressed up as The Silver Surfer
What, you couldn't have splashed out on silver pants?

Even less famous than Tanya Tate is this chap dressed as the Silver Surfer. We were thinking about getting pictures of some really awful-looking cosplayers and mocking them on here, but that didn’t really seem fair. Life already hates them. So this guy, in his silver pants, duct-taped ironing board, and all-over silver body paint is about as silly as it’s gonna get.

Hats off to you, mate. You must really like the Silver Surfer. For all we’re taking the piss, look at those abs – he probably pulled. There’s probably some impressionably nerd girl picking bits of silver out of her hair still.

Sasha Grey at a Saints Row the Third Party
Quizzical much?

Back to famous people, now. Sasha Grey – our favourite ex-pornstar – was at the Con on account of her being in that new game Saints Row The Third. Fun fact: we were at that party, on the roof of the Hard Rock Cafe, consuming our bodyweight in free vodka Red Bulls. For some reason she didn’t come over and talk to us.

When we were outside of the venue, smoking a fag and watching the world oscillate quietly on account of all that taurine, we saw Matt Smith and Karen Gillan of Doctor Who fame try to get in to the party, and the door staff were all like “Sorry sir this is invite only” and for a second we were all “Aw yeah, we’re cooler than Doctor Fuckin' Who.” 

But then again he has a TARDIS and gets to go out drinking with Amy Pond, whereas we ended up in a place called Dick’s Last Resort with the other game journos drunkenly fighting our way through hot wings so hot they actually contravened health and safety regulations. So he probably wins that one, still. Oh, and here's a picture of that girl dressed as Wonder Woman we failed to get off with:

Wonder Woman cosplay at Comic Con
Sad times

More nonsense and pictures of women in daft costumes tomorrow with part two.