Name: Susanna Reid

Age: 41

Why she’s a MAM: The sexiest thing outta Croydon since Kate Moss, BBC morning-news minx Susanna Reid can make even the goriest M6 pile-up or the most worrying banking calamity seem as erotic and titillating as a lacy peephole bra.

Is it her cut-glass voice? Those flowing auburn locks? That buxom, heaving cleavage? Whatever it is, Susanna, please don’t stop doing it.

Susanna’s career has not been without saucy controversy: in 2010, the BBC received numerous complaints from (grumpy, fun-hating) viewers who objected to Reid’s “cleavage-revealing clothing”, and accused her of accusing her of “flirting” and “behaving like a schoolgirl on her first date” during an interview with Hugh Grant.

We’ll be honest: the idea of Susanna Reid wearing a cleavage-revealing dress and flirting like a schoolgirl on her first date sounds pretty much like the greatest thing ever.

How Chinese news reported the Susanna Reid flirting/cleavage scandal

Her fanbase: Reid has countless fanatical, verging-on-terrifying admirers online, many of whom congregate on Twitter every morning to discuss what she’s wearing today, how much leg she’s revealing, what they’d like to do her given half a chance ooh yeah phwoar, and so forth.

This morning, for example, @UKTVMILFS tweeted that “After yesterdays lack lustre dress, Susanna Reid is back to her best in a tight dress #MILF”. (To be fair, @UKTVMILFS was spot-on in his sartorial assessment.)

Predictably enough, YouTube is awash with semi-stalkerish videos such as this (warning: this is pretty hypnotic, and could leave less headstrong viewers in a deep upskirt trance from which they may not emerge for several hours): 

If you watch this more than once you are officially a massive sex-case

We dare you to disagree!
Not convinced by our MAMification of Susanna? Reckon there’s a MAMier newsreader out there? Then let’s hear who and why!