Name: Gabby Logan

Age: 39

Why she’s a MAM: We’ve long held a hefty crush on sex-bomb sportscaster Mrs Logan, even though she’s not always made it easy for us to maintain our obsession: one minute she’s all over the telly, the next she vanishes for months on end.

But Gabby’s lilting voice, lithe body and come-to-bed-and-let’s-do-gymnastics eyes continue to haunt us, even during in her regular absences.

Thankfully, the BBC have seen fit to place Gabby front-and-centre amongst their 835-strong team of Olympics presenters: every night between 10.30pm and midnight, she interviews the day’s star athletes – they’re all super-fit, but Gabby’s even fitter.

Long-time Loganites will know that Gabby used to be a pro gymnast herself. She can still do the splits, y’know. Would you like to see Gabby Logan do the splits? Of course you would.

Look at that. Blimey.

Her fanbase: Unsurprisingly, Gabby’s nightly Olympics broadcasts have sent her admirers into paroxysms of lustiness. Her Twitter account (@gabby_logan) has been bombarded with all manner of appreciative comments and, erm, ‘erotic requests’.

@jimmymcbride1 summed up everyone’s feelings best when he tweeted: “Gotta say @Gabby_Logan is like a bottle of expensive wine, the more it matures the better it gets. The best thing about the Olympics by far”

Well said, @jimmymcbride1. Well said.

We dare you to disagree!
Not convinced by our MAMification of Gabby? Reckon there’s a MAMier sportscaster out there? Then let’s hear who and why!